secret of the da vinci code game

Frickin' read The Club Dumas or something.
Good thing it has a different ending.
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Ian McKellen to the Temple Church in London, to an isolated Templar church in the British countryside, to a hidden crypt and then back to the Louvre again.
These men keep a secret that, if known, could destroy the church.
The secret needs to be protected up to a point; beyond that it is absolutely lost, and the whole camicie taglie comode uomo point of protecting it is beside the point.The murder scene in the Louvre is creepy in a ritualistic way, and it's clever the way Langdon is able to look at letters, numbers and symbols and mentally rearrange them to yield their secrets.And that since everyone has read the novel, I need only give away one secret - that the movie follows the book religiously.If I were their adviser, I would point out that by preserving the secret, they preserve the threat to the church, and the wisest strategy would have been to destroy the secret, say, 1,000 years ago.What a shallow, self-aggrandizing hypocrite.

If you really, honestly, just plain liked the book, that's cool I guess.
All of the places in "The Da Vinci Code" really exist, though the last time I visited the Temple Church I was disappointed to find it closed for "repairs." A likely story.
The DaVinci Choad is a dead easy, nay, downright lazy read, and yet droves of people are patting themselves on the back for having read and *gasp* actually understood.