But Its got great sound that makes your tagli caschetti 2018 hair stand.
The Duke 200/390 can be fitted with a full exhaust system and a slip-on.
It is light weight, has got DB killers and is road legal.
The exhaust is made with aluminium, has polished chrome finish and weighs just 3kg in weight.Availability and prices may have changed.The carbon fiber exhaust is the immagini taglio scalato dietro least expensive,environmental friendly and best looking.The offer great sound- lesser than the Akrapovic.GPR deeptone exhausts for duke 200 and 390.And surely first thing that comes to everyones mind is the sound, as it is the most inappropriate feature of this pocket rocket.
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Leo vince exhaust for Duke 200 and 390.
Price: 30000 akrapovic is the original suppliers of exhausts for all KTM racing teams.Price : 35000 the Leo Vince exhausts are great aftermarket options for the Duke 200 or 390.If you are looking to change the exhaust of your KTM Duke 200 with an increase in performance, you have come to the right place.GPR deeptone exhausts for duke 200.How can I make mine a little different from others?Theyve got great sound that seems very original.With all the KTMs around nowadays, as a Duke owner one will be thinking.LEO Vince exhausts for the KTM duke 200.

The full exhausts are costly but better as they increase the already high power to weight ratio of the bike.
Its got a geometrical design that blends with your Duke perfectly.