Spatial Concept, Waiting is one of inserisci il codice scopri italo / voucher promo a series of works Fontana made in Milan between 19These works, which all consist of a that piedino taglia e cuci singer 1409 has been cut either once or multiply, are collectively known as the.
His, nature series of sculptures (Tate, t03588 ) clearly reference female genitalia and the.
Tagli at the Venice Biennale, claiming that he had found a way of 'giving the spectator an impression of spatial calm, of cosmic rigour, of serenity in infinity' (Crispolti,.38).Fontana experimented with both the size and shape of the.Anche in questa serie, si ritrova il titolo "Concetto spaziale" e "Attesa" che può variare al singolare o al plurale in base alla quantità di tagli realizzati dall'autore.2,.58, reproduced as '58 GI'.In 1966 Fontana presented an entire room of white.Enrico Crispolti, Fontana, Milan 1999,.37-8, sarah Whitfield, Lucio Fontana, exhibition catalogue, Hayward Gallery, London 1999,.31-4.Guggenheim Museum, New York 1977,.19).'Art dies but is saved by gesture Fontana wrote in 1948 (.This added a temporal dimension to the generic title 'Spatial Concept which he gave to all his works from the late 1940s.
During 1959 these tentative slits evolved into single, more decisive slashes, as in the present work.
I "Tagli" all'inizio si presentano in fitte sequenze, poi tendono a ridursi a pochi o ad essere addirittura unici e netti, dove una garza nera ne chiude sul retro la luce.
I primi quadri di questa categoria hanno la superficie ricoperta quasi sempre da aniline, successivamente invece la maggioranza di queste opere verrà caratterizzata dall'uso di idropittura.Sophie Howarth, may 2000.In the instances where Fontana slashed an unpainted canvas, as in the present work, there is a particular affinity between the rawness of the surface and the primordial character of the gesture itself.Further Reading: Enrico Crispolti, Fontana, Brussels 1974, vol.Recognising the importance of this innovation, he continued, through the 1950s and 1960s, to seek different ways of developing the hole as his signature gesture.Each cut was made with a single gesture using codice validazione gratta e vinci a sharp blade, and the canvases were then backed with strong black gauze giving the appearance of a void behind.