do per scontato inglese

In base al termine ricercato questi esempi potrebbero contenere parole volgari.
For this reason, our unreserved support cannot be taken for granted.
More_vert We must not be so arrogant as to imply that Europe has nothing to learn from others.
That's assuming that Robert Pearson is the only missing person to have a tattoo of a hip-hop dancer on his left front incisor.More_vert, she should not assume that anti-dumping duties will be levied on such sportswear producers.More_vert, we can assume that the European Council will not voluntarily relinquish the power to appoint.Achieving a negotiated solution on the Kosovo status issue cannot be taken for granted.ItalianVa dato per scontato che il Consiglio europeo non rinuncerà spontaneamente al suo potere di nomina.I guess I'd taken for granted all of the joes in the world until I met Jerry.More_vert, peace is not something we can take for granted; we have to work calcola vincita lotto netta on it every day.Maybe I've been kind of feeling taken for granted lately.
Well, I took this job with the understanding, i could do it my way.Avevo dato per scontato che fossero morti.More_vert, i am all the more pleased since I know that this cannot be taken for granted.I think I just, like, assumed they'd be women.More_vert Coming back specifically to the subject of our discussion, PNR data transfer should, in fact, be something obvious.More_vert, for us, the European Union is not something to be taken for granted.The ceiling of 1,24 kindle book coupon code 2018 of GNI will be taken for granted.

Far too often their contribution to society has been taken for granted and certainly not always adequately rewarded with a reasonable income.