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After Christ was crucified, a pregnant Mary Magdalene escaped to France.She also believes that the last line in the secret message,.S.The blood of the martyrs in the Coliseum stands as proof that the early Christians were prepared to die rather than deny the divinity of Jesus Christ.If the cryptex was broken, the papers will be destroyed.She and Langdon hit the road, one step ahead of the police and the people behind Saunière's murder who want what they've discovered.I have heard art lectures demonstrating how many of the Renaissance court painters, including Leonardo da Vinci, encoded doctrines of gnosis in their paintings.Critics accuse Brown of distorting and fabricating history.It is revealed that Sophie is a descendant of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.He shares my characters fascinationsthe world conspiracy of Rosicrucians, Masons, and Jesuits.Unfortunately, Saunière is murdered in the Grand Hall of the Louvre and the French police get Langdon out of bed, ostensibly to help them understand the information and symbols Saunière left at the murder scene.
Jacques Saunière was much more than just the curator of the Louvre; he raised Sophie after her parents died in an accident and he constantly entertained her with puzzles, riddles, and secret information.They continue to solve each ensuing puzzle and riddle they encounter, leading them deeper into more mysteries they must comprehend.The mystery thriller is a genre replete with potholes where the unwary author can stumble again and again, bringing their novel to a disillusioned halt before the reader ever reaches the end.With the information provided to them by Jacques Saunière, Sophie and Langdon are ahead of everyone else, but police, assassins, and churchmen aren't far behind.Da Vinci Code repeats some tired old myths that todays historians have discarded as propaganda or lies.The secrets of the Grail are connected, according to the novel, to Leonardo Da Vinci's work as follows: Leonardo was a member of the Priory of Sion and knew the secret of the Grail.